Divine Intervention


Do you remember a time when you could hear God speaking to you? Did you listen, or brush it off that you were just imagining something. This mom had one of those 'gut feelings' that something was very wrong. And what happened next, is truly shocking!




It was like any other day for Tanya Tyler. The local radio personality and mom had just set her laundry basket down and was getting ready to fold some clothes next to her infant, when suddenly she got a gut feeling that something was very wrong.



“As I was setting the laundry down, I actually heard in my mind, like instinctively, maybe, ‘RUN,’” Tanya told KREM News. “And I didn’t hear any trees at the time falling, but I turned quickly and grabbed the car carrier with one hand in front of the swing. And as we took one step, you could hear the tree inside the living room.”




Mere moments after she heard that urgent voice in her head, a tree crashed exactly in the spot where Tyler was just standing with her baby!




This was such a close call, that both Tanya and her baby were simply covered in dust and insulation debris from the powerful crash. And now, Tanya is just ever so thankful that she and her sweet baby escaped from their home uninjured.





“I looked back, and the tree had just smashed where the laundry basket was where I was standing,” she said. “So if I was just a couple seconds later, who knows where I would be. So, am I grateful? So grateful. So grateful at this moment for my life, for the baby’s life."





Galatians 2:20


h/t: GodUpdates


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