Joshua and Sierra Buffum of Jackson had to wait over four years to watch their son take his first steps; it was a goal that they weren't sure Carter would be able to do at all. Carter Buffum has mitochondrial disease.




Mitochondrial disease usually results in a loss of motor control, cognitive impairment and cerebral palsy. Doctors told Carter's parents thathe would never walk, but he is miraculously proving them wrong. He has been pulling himself up to stand by the window and trying his hardest to be mobile.






Children diagnosed with mitochondrial disease before they are 5 years-old usually do not live into their 20s. There is no treatment or cure, so every accomplishment Carter achieves is a wonderful blessing.



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"We are definitely more hopeful,” Sierra Buffum said. “We hope we keep seeing this kind of progress."







"It was pretty much a miracle that he could stand up," she said. "We hope that Carter’s successes will motivate other families who have children with this disease to stay hopeful."






In most cases, children like Carter would never be able to stand… but he is miraculously doing it. With God's help, he is overcoming his situation! We pray that Carter continues to improve and other families find strength and hope in his story.