When Rachel Lennard was seven weeks pregnant, doctors told her to expect the worst. They believed she was having a miscarriage and would lose her little girl.


But, God saved that little baby from dying... and it shocked everyone.



Rachel and her husband Pete couldn't believe what was happening. For days they thought Rachel was miscarrying. Then, one doctor saw something miraculous: a tiny evidence of life. That glimmer of hope got the family through the rough days ahead. When Faith was born, they were overcome with joy.


Rachel and her husband named their little baby Faith... because only faith saved her. She was born 13 weeks early and weighed 1lb 14oz.  




She had to undergo extensive treatments in order to become healthy enough to go home, but Rachel and Pete didn't care. God saved their child and they were blissfully happy to do anything to keep her healthy. 


God gives us miracles every day. Take time to thank Him for all of the wonderful things He has done!