For country singer Faith Hill, faith is more than just her first name. It's also her foundation in life. And she has her mom, Edna, to thank for it. Edna went home to be with the Lord after 80 years on this earth. And Faith Hill recorded a gospel song -- "Come to Jesus" -- as a way of honoring the woman she loved dearly!


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Growing Up In Faith


Faith Hill grew up in the Baptist church. It's not only where she discovered her love for Jesus, but also where she got her start singing. By her side all the way, cheering her along, was Edna.


"The best advice I ever received was from my mom," Faith recalled. "She taught me to not judge people until I’ve walked in their shoes, and to be thankful for the gifts I’ve been given. That applies to every aspect of my life. It keeps me away from gossip, helps me dwell on the positive and makes me a stronger person."



And the deep connection to faith that arose from such an upbringing has been invaluable.


"It’s still a big part of me," Faith said. "That’s where my strength comes from. It’s my foundation. I was raised in a Christian home and it prepared me to deal with life on my own, the everyday trials and tribulations in an industry where a lot of things, morally, aren’t good. Having a backbone of spirituality makes me a little stronger."

Faith goes to the Lord in prayer regularly. It's what carried her through the journey of becoming a country star, and it's what still carries her today.


"I pray a lot, and when I first moved to Nashville, that’s what kept me alive," Faith said. "I believed I was being taken care of. I apply it to my life every day. It’s how I’ve always looked at things. I’m very lucky: I’m healthy, I can see, hear, walk, get up in the morning and focus on the gifts God gave me, and everything will work out."


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Fulfilling A Special Wish


Edna loved hearing her daughter sing, but she especially loved hearing her sing gospel. She often urged Faith to release a gospel album.


While the singer may not have released a full album, she did find a way to honor her late mom's wish. Faith Hill recorded a gospel song -- "Come to Jesus" -- for her Deep Tracks album. The country singer shared the song on Facebook, saying:


"Three weeks ago today my mom passed away. Mom often asked if I l would ever get around to recording a gospel album. That's all she wanted to hear me sing. I'm thankful that she was able to hear this song before she took a seat on the glory train. This is 'Come To Jesus' dedicated to my mom."


Listen to a sample of “Come to Jesus” below:



What a wonderful tribute!



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