This is a touching story about what one family does for an old friend who needed a little bit of help. George is a dachshund that is almost 14 years-old and in failing health; in order stop him from hurting himself, his owner created a set of ramps around the house. George slipped a disc in his back when he was only four and had to have surgery on his spine, now he is at great risk for another spinal injury - one he might have trouble coming back from.


The ramps help George get on and off furniture, go through doggie doors and experience day-to-day life pain-free.

"The vet told me it's common in dachshunds from jumping up on things so I knew that had to stop," his owner wrote. "He picked up using the ramps in no time. I lured him with treats to use them instead of jumping."

Dachshunds are prone to slipped discs and other back problems because of their shape, but with loving owners they don't have to be in pain when they get hurt or age. Love the creatures God created, especially the ones that you decide to welcome into your own home as family members.


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