Some Texan firefighters with Texas-sized hearts responded to a 911 call to the home of John McCormick. The sweet elderly man suffered from heart attack while mowing his lawn. After the first responders took him to the hospital they didn’t return to the firehouse… they went back to his Mr. McCormick’s home instead. They went back to finish the lawn.



This is the note that the firefighters wrote to Mr. McCormick’s wife:


We felt bad that your husband didn’t get to finish the yard, so we did. We noticed the padlock to the garage was unlocked so we locked it and placed your key in the mailbox. We are very sorry that your husband became ill, we hope he has a speedy recovery. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you out. 



“They already got stuff they’ve got going on that’s more important. Yard work shouldn’t be something that they have to finish up. So we were happy to come back and take care of that,” said one firefighter.


Sadly, dear Mr. McCormick passed away a few days later.


“It just showed me that there’s still compassion… that people still do random acts of kindness every day for people that they don’t know,” John’s daughter Jeana said.


When John’s wife, Patsy spoke of this sweet gesture she said, “I just couldn’t believe it… I just couldn’t believe they took the time to do that… Thank you, we love you.”


These firefighters have gone beyond their normal call of duty to serve in ways that no one expected them to. We love that this level of thoughtfulness is still making its way around and we know that God will bless these first responders in return.


Check out the video here:



Mark 12:31


Credit: Lift Bump