"Uncle of the Year" goes to THIS young man!


How far would you go to make your kids smile? Would that include YOU, Dad (or in this case, Uncle) wearing a prom dress? Well, this Uncle deserves an award. But I guess it was his niece's smile that was payment enough. Good for you, Jesse!!



Cinderella has two more sisters! Who knew?! LOL



When this Uncle, Jesse Nagy, heard his niece was too embarrassed to wear her princess costume to the movies, he decided to teach her a valuable lesson: don't let fear of judgement get in the way of being awesome!


This 23 year-old borrowed a friend's prom dress (for just the evening, he says) and wore it to the movies with his niece in her costume. What a pair!!


Hopefully, this little princess learned that she will often be rewarded for getting out of her comfort zone. Kudos to you both!



This is true love! The kind of love that doesn't mind that when you're crying, and your mascara is smearing on his shirt. Or the kind of love that offers to make you chicken noodle soup and hot tea when you're not feeling well. And the kind of love that wears prom dresses in public to teach you to not be afraid of what others think! That's awesome!! :)



Find out the truth behind why this man wore a dress to his best friend's funeral!



Proverbs 22:6


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