A Father’s Protection


Baby Ayla Collins had her little world turned upside down when she was just three months old. She and her family were involved in a devastating car crash when their car hit a median, and was struck by an oncoming bus.



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Her parents died instantly. Alya's mom who was driving the car, and her dad, Jerry Collins, a respected rugby star, left behind their sweet baby girl for us to witness a miracle.


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When Ayla was pulled from the wreck, she was found underneath her daddy. When Jerry saw the oncoming bus, he shielded his baby girl with his arms and body to protect her from the impact of the crash. And it was this selfless act that saved her life.


At a service held for the family, Jerry’s former teammate said,


"When you realized what was coming and you protected Ayla from the impact with your arms and your whole body over her ... you made it possible for her to have a chance. That's the man you are."


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Baby Ayla was rushed to the hospital in serious but stable condition.


It was a miracle that Ayla survived, but in order to make it, Alya had to fight for her life. There was a lot of fluid build-up on Ayla’s brain, so she had to undergo a long and delicate surgery to remove it. Many prayers were sent up on behalf of the sweet girl.


Thanks to Jesus, the brain surgery was a success, but doctors saw that it was best to place Ayla in an artificial coma.


Baby Ayla is now five months old, and was recently awakened from the coma. Day by day, she is making incredible strides. It’s almost as if she is saying, “My daddy gave his life for me, so I’m going to fight for my life."


Ayla’s Aunt Nora said,


"She emerged from her induced coma approximately one week ago and, since that time, she has been monitored and examined for any negative impacts from the accident…”


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And Ayla, isn’t letting this accident stop her from keeping up with all of the other babies on the block. The family tells us that,


"Ayla is able to perform basic functions, such as being able to breathe on her own and to accept bottle feeding. We remain thankful for her progress and optimistic for her future."


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"She's a big baby and a good eater ... She's a really good sleeper at night and she's a happy baby," Aunt Nora said. "She continues to be a little fighter. She truly is a miracle to us."


We definitely agree that Ayla is nothing short of MIRACLE!


It is even said that while watching a recent rugby game with all of her grandparents, Ayla smiled and laughed as the national anthems of her parent’s countries played!


The family is so encouraged by how God is healing their sweet baby girl, but they know that she is going to need as much prayer as she can get. The family says,


"We are still uncertain as to the extent of Ayla's injuries and we ask people to continue to pray for Ayla during her recovery.”


Let’s join in with the family and send prayers to Jesus for Baby Ayla!


And while we are praying, let’s not forget to thank Him for what he has already done for this sweet angel!



He responded to a deadly accident and did THIS for a 2-year-old!



Jeremiah 32:27


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God sent a mysterious to pray with victim of terrible car crash.