When one pregnant elephant was about to give birth, her herd put their lives on the line! They formed a circle around the mother in labor, shielding her from prowling lions and hyenas. When an animal gives birth, it becomes very vulnerable. Not only that, but the baby needs to be protected, too! That's why it's this family's natural instinct to form a circle around their loved ones in need.


The group closed in around the mother and scratched the soil with their feet, closing up gaps with their bodies and dust.

Soon after the baby elephant was born, it struggled to its feet, latching on to one of its family member's tusks for support. The wobbly baby was safe!

After 22 months of pregnancy, the herd knew that the hour of need was at hand. They were ready to fight off any predator that might interfere with the moment. They were all very nervous and agitated, but it wasn't for nothing.

What a lucky calf, to be born into a family that obviously already loves it so much!