If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you’ll change your mind after seeing what this dog would do everyday for the one that he admired – a cat!


Check out this story of neighborly love..




Dear Neighbor –


This is going to seem ridiculous, but I thought you should know that my dog (who lives next door with me) is madly in love with your cat… and has been for probably 6 months! Three times a day, he puts his paws on our railing to look at him/her in your windowsill. Now that you have potted planes there, he is heartbroken… but he keeps looking for your cat every time. Maybe your plants could switch to a different window??!



Your neighbor + her adoring dog! 


This letter appeared shortly after…






And now we know that nothing can get in the way of true love.


Romans 8:35


Credit: Ned Hardy