If anyone deserved a break, it was Trisha Bell. The mom desperately wanted to make her only son a big brother, but each pregnancy ended in heartache. She suffered seven miscarriages before finally making it to the delivery room. But then, her baby boy was born with no heartbeat.


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Seven Heartbreaks


After seven miscarriages, Trisha was ready to give up. She felt broken "spiritually, mentally and emotionally." But then she found out she was pregnant once again. Overwhelming fear stifled any initial excitement.


Trisha needed to trust God.



This pregnancy was different. The first trimester passed without incident, leaving Trisha and her husband overjoyed. They chose the name Ezrah for their little boy.


But then, things took a turn for the worse. She shared the terrifying moment on Facebook.


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Fearing The Worst


"My baby was born with no heartbeat. No oxygen to the brain. No pulse.

He was revived after 11 long minutes. He was diagnosed with severe brain damage. I remember it like it was yesterday, being told my son would have no quality of life... being told to just 'pull the plug.'



I remember sitting in the hospital, praying, hoping, crying. I remember wanting to fix him. I remember feeling so useless, my body had failed my son.

I felt broken.


As I sat next to his bed trying to figure out what I could do to help him, I finally realized there WAS something I could do. As his mother, I knew I could provide the very most important thing that no one else could offer, MY MILK!

I didn't nurse my oldest son, Urijah, for more than 3 months. So with Ezrah I knew this was what I needed to do, without question, no matter how hard it got. He was fighting for his life, and this was the only way I could truly give him my all!

I didn't know if my milk would do much for his injury, but I had so much faith that it would. I had no idea how quickly I would learn the power of Mothers Milk. It is simply, pure MAGIC!

And Now, 14 months later, I know my milk has played a part in healing my child's brain injury. I KNOW it. Women's bodies are SO incredible. The way we are so connected to our children. The way our bodies know exactly what to do during child birth. The way we heal... And then we choose to do it all over again! It's incredibly beautiful.




This picture shows MY MILK healing his little brain. I've had 7 miscarriages and this baby is my miracle along with my 3 year old. This picture will forever be so close to my heart."


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Continued Blessings


More than a year later, Ezrah is doing great. He requires some help from a developmental specialist, but he's leaps and bounds beyond where doctors ever expected a boy born with no heartbeat to be.



And Trisha knows just who to thank.


"I don't know what gods plans are for me and my family, but I do know that god works in mysterious ways and all we can do is put our trust in him," she writes on Facebook. "We all have our own struggles but we have the choice to choose if the fight is worth fighting. We have the choice to choose to give our all in our darkest hours. And let me tell you, choosing to fight IS worth it."


What an incredible miracle!


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This little boy was never expected to live, but God had other plans!



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