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Whether you are a big sister or have a big sister, you can appreciate this mother's love and her letter to her daughter. What a blessing to all involved. Having a baby sister or brother is difficult and something we should never assume is easy for the first born to accept. And remember, whether you are first born or middle or last in a lineup of 12, you are special and loved by God in a big way! You were created for greatness and serve a purpose.




Dear Kennedy,

Things abruptly changed for you about six months ago when your little sister got out of mommy's belly and came home from the hospital with us. You were used to having mommy and daddy all to yourself. You and I spent all summer together. We went to the library, Chick-fil-A, played with friends and watched a little too much TV. It was a blast.

No matter the amount of talks and "big sister" books we read, it probably didn't prepare you for what was to come. All of a sudden, there was a tiny little baby in our house. The baby was loud -- probably much louder than you anticipated. The baby was always being held, and the baby always needed mommy.

If this upset you, it was hard to tell. You embody grace, especially for such a big girl who's 3 years old. Even though you showed a big interest in the baby, you continued your life as usual and you didn't seem to mind that the baby needed a lot of attention.

This had to be hard on you. I know it was. I know this because you had trouble in other areas, like using the potty. It was your one thing you could hold on to for control, and I guess I don't blame you. But, you never seemed jealous or upset with mommy and daddy.

I'm a big sister, too. Sometimes, there's a lot of pressure on us to set an example, not act like a baby and try new things to show that we are so big and so independent. Sometimes, we just have to be flexible, whether we like it or not. Sometimes, we get less attention and less praise. Big sisters have a tough job, but you were cut out for it. You've got this.

Now that your little sister has been with us for a little over six months, you use the potty like a big girl, and you are becoming so independent. The struggles you were having before seem to be no more. That doesn't mean life is easy from here on out, but I have a feeling you will handle those with that same grace.

Kennedy, you need to know that we are proud of you. I don't tell you this enough. You have a kind spirit, a hilarious sense of humor, a vocabulary that amazes me daily and the potential to be anything.

Most importantly, you have love. I realized this the other day when the first thing you asked from waking up from your nap was, "Where is Caroline?" Then later, you sat there and hugged her face with gusto (maybe a little too much gusto). And a little bit later, you found such joy feeding her puffs. Your little sister smiles from ear to ear when she sees your face, and always looks for you when she hears your voice. Even though I'm her mommy, I have a feeling that you're her favorite person.

Want to know why?

It's because of the love that radiates out of you. In the future, I know you will probably dislike her for taking your toys or borrowing your clothes. There may be some days or years that you aren't very good friends. But she's your sister. And this love right now? Promise me you'll always carry it in your heart.

Keep shining, sweet Kennedy. I adore you!

Love, Mommy



Thank you "mommy" for sharing your thoughts. May God bless your baby and your big girl.



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Hebrews 13:16


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