Is This Mysterious Figure An Angel?


When a raging fire broke out in Henry's Creek near Idaho Falls, Jeanette and Bruce Empey braced themselves for the worst. It seemed certain that the fire -- which consumed more than 50,000 acres -- would destroy the family's ranch entirely. Still, the faithful family prayed for divine intervention. And not only was their property miraculously spared, but an angel-like, mysterious figure show up in the smoke, as well!


Credit: Facebook / Jeanette Empey


The Fireman’s Guardian


The picture above is one Bruce took of the Henry's Creek fire as it headed straight for their family ranch. Jeanette has named the photo "The Fireman's Guardian," and it's gone viral since she shared it on Facebook.


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And for the Empey family, the mysterious figure that can be seen in the smoke only confirms their property was spared thanks to God and His angels!


"My husband and son went up to the ranch Monday night after learning the fire had jumped the Bone Road and was heading toward our place,” Jeanette said. “Firemen showed up and told my husband the cabins were going to be a loss and for safety reasons, he should leave.”



Bruce and his son then went up to a cliff overlooking the ranch, resigned to the fact they had no choice but to watch it burn. While the family expected to lose everything, they prayed for a different outcome.


Credit: Facebook / Jeanette Empey

A Miracle!


Their prayers were answer the next morning! When they returned to check on the ranch, they discovered the fire hadn't touched any of the property.


“The cabins hadn’t burned! They were saved!” Jeanette said.


But the danger wasn't over yet. The winds kicked up and the flames began to rage once again. Jeanette received a text saying the fire was a mere 15 feet from their cabin.


Credit: Facebook / Jeanette Empey


So, again, the family prayed. And the property was miraculously spared again!


“There is an oasis in the middle of all this burned land,” Jeanette explained. “To me – that is a miracle.”


Jeanette wrote on Facebook: "The fire made it to our ranch. The cabins are saved. I believe the Lord had his hand in protecting us." Credit: Facebook / Jeanette Empey


It was that day, as Bruce and his son waited for the flames to overtake the ranch, that he snapped the photo that's now become famous. And many agree the mysterious figure is a definitive sign that God and His angels protected the Empey family that day.


“Everything is burned except for around the cabins,” Jeanette said. “I know the Lord was helping.”


What's your take on the mysterious figure?



"You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight. You do not have because you do not ask God. When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures." James 4:2-3



A house fire burned everything this family owned. . . except this!



James 4:2-3


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