First-time parents Courtney and Bill considered themselves lucky when they hired Caroline Maurer as a nanny for their son, Fox. But this wasn't just a case of good luck -- Caroline is a godsend. The heroic nanny pushed the couple's 2-year-old boy out of the path of a speeding car just in time, sacrificing herself to save his life!


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Caroline has looked after Fox since he was just 4 months old. And from day one, the boy's parents knew Caroline was a great nanny.


"I would always joke that Caroline was Mary Poppins," Courtney said. "I would always say she's better than we are. We were first time parents and we learned so much from her. Truly, I felt we lucked out."


But now, this super nanny is more of a guardian angel after putting herself in harm's way in order to save their son!


Nanny Pushed 2-Year-Old Out Of Path Of Speeding Car


Caroline and Fox were out for a walk in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, just a block away from home. Fox was in a stroller, which Caroline was pushing, and as they began crossing the street, a car ran a four-way stop sign.


As the car turned, it was headed straight for the stroller. That's when Caroline leaped into action. Not giving her own safety any thought, the heroic nanny pushed the stroller out of the way, putting her own body in the car's path to shield Fox.


"I pushed him as hard as I could while yelling at the guy to stop," Caroline recalled.


Unfortunately, the car did not stop.


"He plowed into my hands and threw me back," Caroline said.


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The front bumper of the car completely crushed and mangled her hands. As a result, Caroline couldn't unstrap Fox from his stroller or tend to him during the chaos following the accident. It's a moment that still haunts Caroline today.


"Fox was strapped in and I couldn't get him out because my hands were crushed," she tearfully recalls. "He was screaming, 'Nanny Caroline, I love you,' which was breaking my heart because I couldn't hold him."


Thanks to Caroline's selfless act, Fox miraculously suffered only minor scrapes and bruises. A paramedic assured Fox's parents that when the nanny pushed Fox's stroller and took the brunt of the hit, she absolutely saved his life. Because of her sacrifice, the toddler went home safe and sound with his parents.


“As a mom, you give your kid to somebody else ... your hope and your dream is that they’re going to treat your kid like their own,” Courtney said. “I’m just so grateful to her.”




Long Road Ahead For Nanny


For Caroline, sparing Fox was worth every injury she sustained. But she definitely has a long road of recovery ahead of her.


In addition to bruising all over her body, Caroline suffered multiple fractures in her arms, wrists, and hands. She spent several weeks in the hospital following the accident.


"When I first saw my hands, I didn't even know how they were going to resemble hands again," she said.


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Caroline has been through multiple surgeries, and months later is still in physical therapy. Doctors are hoping she'll be able to regain 80% mobility in her hands, but right now, she's nowhere near that.


"I can't hold a pen properly and I also don't have any sort of grip," she said.


She also struggles with dizziness. As a result, the nanny can no longer work. She's also a student, but the accident has forced her to put her studies on hold.


Support Helps Lift Nanny's Spirits


Fox's parents will never be able to repay Caroline for saving their son. But they are doing their best to help her through her healing. She's way more than a nanny -- she's part of the family!


“I think my first reaction was: She’s family for the rest of our lives,” Fox's dad, Bill, said. “Because of Caroline, the worst didn’t happen. She saved his life.”

WATCH: Heroic Nanny Pushed Toddler Out Of Harm's Way



The couple shared the story of their hero nanny on YouCaring, a popular fundraising site, in order to help raise money to help Caroline with her bills. Hundreds sent in donations, raising nearly $50,000 to help Caroline with medical bills and living expenses. But the support has had a far greater impact than just financial.


"Saving Fox is the best possible outcome to a terrible situation and I would do it again in a heartbeat - he has my heart," Caroline said in a thank you message on the page.


However, despite being a hero, Caroline has had a rough go since the accident. Between the emotional trauma from the accident, the surgeries and hospital stay, along with the pain and physical limitations, Caroline admits she's struggled to see the joy, humor, and sunlight.


"Then this happened," she says on the YouCaring page. "Then all of you happened."


The care and support, along with all the kinds words of encouragement are helping push Caroline through the uphill battle she faces. And we have no doubt God has plenty of blessings in store for this brave nanny!


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