A very special woman that lives in Saint Kitts is getting an award for being the Mother of the Year. Every day, she does something absolutely incredible for her son; her dedication is unbelievable. Merlene Connor who lives in a rural area and helps her 20 year-old son Devrone Connor get to school every day. She doesn't give him a ride in a car, though: she carries him.


Devrone is a student at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in the capital city of Basseterre. For 3 years, the students have watched Merlene help her disabled son receive a college education in the most incredible way. Devrone was born with a birth defect that caused his feet to remain underdeveloped, so he cannot walk. In order to get anywhere, he would need to be carried or use another form of transportation, like a wheelchair. But, the problem is getting to the campus; he lives in a rural area where most places are only accessible by footpaths.

That's why Merlene carries her son to school every day. Rain or shine, she helps her son get a college education by carrying him back and forth. If they were able to afford a house close enough to a bus stop, she wouldn't need to worry. Unfortunately, Merlene simply doesn't make enough money.


She doesn't regret one minute of what she does for her son, though. As a mother, she puts his needs, wants and desires in front of her own.. even if they are a little extreme. That's why she is winning the Mother of the Year award and why we love her.


God bless every mother!

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