Dan Black was paralyzed from a car crash nearly four years ago. He cannot move from the chest down, but even though God put that challenge in front of him, he was able to remain unselfish. He might have been able to walk again with the help of expensive, cutting-edge technology. He is only 25 years-old and he raised $30,000 for the treatment.


Then, he gave it away.



When Dan heard of Brecon Vaughan, a boy who suffers from spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, he knew something neeed to be done. The little boy is unable to walk, but he could regain is mobility with a $100,000 surgery. Dan donated all the money he raised to help cover the Brecon's operation. "I wouldn't wish being paralyzed on anyone, so if I can help someone walk, I will."



Instead of selfishly keeping his money so that he could walk away, Dan sacrificed everything just so Brecon could have a chance at a normal childhood. He is truly an angel sent from heaven; God bless him!


(via now.msn.com)