Sometimes, the simplest things can brighten your day and make you appreciate this wonderful life that God gave us! One adorable thing that will make your life a little better today is Ray Charles, the blind Golden Retriever.


He was born in December of 2012 in a litter of 5 other puppies. The breeder noticed that Ray wasn't playing like a normal puppy or interacting with his brothers and sisters as he should. Vets soon discovered that Ray Charles was blind (and thus, why he was named Ray Charles).

His owners were concerned that they wouldn't be able to find a forever home for him, but luckily a kind family in Boston, MA, decided to take in the special needs puppy.

Ever since, he has lived a life embracing what he is and never letting that stop him from having a good time. Each and every one of us can learn a thing or two from Ray Charles. We are all different, God made each of us unique. So don't worry about being different; we are ALL different and that is how God wants us to be! :)