Christina Fisher (36) thought she was doing the right thing when she put her baby girl up for adoption. But to her surprise, the adoptive parents backed out when they learned the newborn "wasn't perfect" because of an undetected birth defect. Sometimes people make mistakes. But our God certainly doesn't. So, this mom kept this precious angel exactly where God wanted her!


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An Unexpected Pregnancy


Christina was caught off guard when she found out she was pregnant. She was already struggling to make ends meet as it was.


Her 18-year-old daughter, Debra, was living with Christina's parents while she finished high school. The RV park where Christina lived was closing, so she was "basically homeless." So, the news that she was expecting was far from joyful.


“I wasn’t ready to start again,” she said.




Christina was against abortion, so adoption seemed like the best solution. The adoption agency paired her with a couple that seemed "sweet, nice." They supported Christina through the pregnancy, sending robes, and soothing oils and backwashes.

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On the day of the delivery, they came to the hospital and were with Christina every step of the way.


"But when Abigail wasn't perfect, they left," she said.


Another Surprise

Christina had genetic testing done during the pregnancy, so there was no reason to expect anything to go wrong. But when her daughter -- Abigail Lynn -- was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, everything changed.


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This rare condition impacts how the face develops, and can cause problems with speech, eating and breathing. And as soon as the adoptive mom saw little Abigail's facial deformity, Christina says she burst into tears and left the hospital immediately. The couple backed out of the adoption the very next day.


"You want to think better of people, but it's moments like that that make you lose faith in humanity," she said. "I just didn't understand how they could do that to a baby."


Abigail is no less beautiful just because her face looks different. She's a precious blessing from God!



God’s Call

Christina felt a stirring in her heart, and just knew this was a sign from above. And so, this mom kept her baby!


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“I’m not a religious person at all, but I know when something is smacking me in the face,” she said. “I just knew I would never be able to give her up. I would always be wondering if they were taking care of her properly.”

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The sweet angel has completely stolen her mommy's heart, just as God intended!


“And now, she is my heart," she said. "Without her I would cease to exist.”


Clearly Abigail is right where she is meant to be!




God Provides

While Christina wasn't prepared for a baby, let alone one with special medical needs, God is making a way for them. The mom is no longer homeless. She and Abigail live with one of Christina's friends in a two bedroom apartment. Local nonprofits have been donating all kinds of supplies, from clothes to diapers.


As others are hearing of how this mom kept the baby "rejected" by the adoptive parents, even more support has been pouring in via a GoFundMe page. And Christina is appreciative of all of the blessings.


“I’ve been very fortunate,” she said. “I don’t need a glamorous lifestyle. I just need enough to take care of her.”

Credit: Facebook / Christina Fisher


Thankfully, little Abigail's condition is completely manageable, and she's doing well in her mother's care.


"She is just a really happy baby, if you're talking to her she will look at you and giggle. It's hilarious!" Christina says. "She's the sweetest little human you'll ever meet."





A Bright Future

Abigail has a cleft palate, and right now requires a feeding tube. In the future, she may need cochlear implants for improved hearing, and possibly some reconstructive surgery. But the disease does not affect the brain. So, aside from some of the medical procedures her condition requires, little Abigail will live out a perfectly normal life. Praise God!


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As for the couple who bailed on the adoption, Christina has just the right attitude. She hates what they did, but not them. In fact, she feels sorry for them and the wonderful blessings they are missing out on.


"Honestly, they missed out because my daughter is the most beautiful and happy baby on the planet," Christina says. "She's perfect and I'm just sorry they couldn't see that."

God's hand clearly helped to steer what could have been a terrible situation into a greater purpose. Christina says that Abigail saves her life every day, just as his 18-year-old daughter did when she was born.


Christina's daughter, Debra, with Abigail     Credit: Facebook / Christina Fisher


We don't always understand the things that happen in this world, but stories like Abigail's serve as a reminder that our God is always seeking to make all things work together for our good. We just have to trust in Him and answer His call.


"We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28




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