Three years ago Jenny Williams, a mother of two, was one of 2,200 hopefuls on a waiting list for a kidney transplant. Jenny had already had a kidney transplant in 1990 when she was just 26 years old. Jenny’s brother was her organ donor, but sadly at the age of 50, that kidney now was failing.


"I got to get a kidney," Jenny said. "My kids deserve me to be there for them. I can't run and play with them like I used to."


Jocelyn, Jenny’ s six-year-old daughter watched her mother suffer through dialysis treatments that helped her kidney function normally three times a week for three whole years. The bright-eyed kindergartner said, "She is on dialysis and, normally, I don’t want her to go."


Jocelyn decided to do what she could to save her dear mommy. She pulled out her box of crayons and began creating colorful posters with straightforward messages, all with the hopes of finding her mom a match.



The posters read, "Jenny’s kidney sign,” and "Mom Jenny needs a kidney." They were adorned with rainbows, a little stick figure, and a red heart. Jocelyn left no detailed unturned. She included the family’s phone number so that when God sent help, they would know exactly where to find Jenny.


Jocelyn took her posters to the First Church of West Bridgewater for help, and she was not disappointed. The saints rallied together and distributed the flyers all over the community with the joyful hope that help would come.


After three long years of enduring dialysis treatments, the family’s prayers were answered, and a match was found for Jenny. God used Jocelyn’s posters.


Jenny’s surgery was a success. “I want to thank the donor family with all my heart," Jenny said. "I am forever grateful."


Not all patients have success throughout their entire transplant, but Jenny knows that she is blessed.

"This is still like a dream," "I can’t believe after all this, I finally have a kidney."


Matthew 18:3


Credit: Huffington Post