It's so sad when soldiers have to leave their families to go serve our country. They are making so many sacrifices for us, to keep us safe, so it is so heartwarming to see them finally reunite with the families they have left. 


Below are the Top 10 soldier reunion photos of 2012. There are many more, but these are the ones that made us feel the most warm and fuzzy on the inside!


#10 - A child so happy, she cries!


This soldier's daughter is so happy she can't help but cry. You can almost feel all of the emotion in this picture!


#9 - A daughter giving her mom a happy hug for the first time in months.


When we see someone we love, we want to embrace them. But when it's been a long time since have seen them, we never want to let go!

#8 - Man's best friend and his soldier buddy.


Even though these two work together, after every mission they love to appreciate each other... even if that's just be getting a lick on the face.

#7 - A touching surprise in school.


One day, this soldier gave his daughter the surprise of her life when he showed up at her school unannounced. The joy in her face is so bright - she must have really missed her father!

#6 - Tears of joy.


This little girl can't help but cry when she is finally in her daddy's arms... hopefully he'll never have to leave his family again in the future!

#5 - The excitement of a daughter. 


Daddy's little girl is so thrilled to have her dad home again... she doesn't even care that it's cold outside!

#4 - A heartfelt school reunion. 


The dad and the daughter in this picture are both emotional to see each other again - such a sweet reunion.

#3 - Mom's enthusiastic welcome home. 


Before surprising her kids in school, we bet this mother didn't expect them to act like this! What a lucky family this is!

#2 - Family that's seriously happy to see each other. 


There may not be overjoyed smiles or tears, but you can tell that this family is so happy to be together again. They seem like they will never let each other go!

#1 - A beautiful reunion. 


This reunion between a father and daugther is so beautiful it will bring a tear to your eye. One simple picture represents so much sacrifice, love and belonging that we can't look at it without tearing up. God Bless all of these families!