This story was originally posted on the social media site, it was so sweet we just had to share it! This tiny puppy was found, completely dehydrated and probably starving, on a beach in Colombia. Her bones were showing, she was covered in sand and she desperately needed help. Some tourists who were visiting the country found her, fed her and decided to save her from the life she was living.


They named her Mrs. Bojangles and began taking care of her. The tourists brought her along on the trips they were taking, feeding her and giving her water.

To make sure she wasn't hosting any parasites or had any other life-threatening issues, they took her to a local vet to get her checked out.

According to the album (and you can tell by the pictures) the dog slowly started to improve. Her coat looked better, her eyes were bright and she just had a better demeanor.

The people who found her didn't let her out of their sight when they were staying in Colombia. Mrs. Bojangles got to see lots of beaches, mountain trails and poolside cabanas!

At the end of their trip, the tourists knew they needed to find Mrs. Bojangles a forever home. She was finally looking healthy and they wanted her to stay that way! After putting word out, they found a woman in Bogota, Colombia, who was willing to give her a forever home.

This dog's life started out rough, it was possible she would have died on that beach without access to fresh water or food. But thanks to kind people who stumbled across her, she has a chance at living a full and happy life. God Bless the people who were sweet enough to take care of an animal who couldn't help themselves - and we hope more people will be that kind after reading this story!

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