WARNING: You might want to get a box of tissues, because this heart touching story will make you cry!


While Redditor Rokzo was out on a walk, he and his friend stumbled upon a note attached to some deflated balloons. 


Curious, they picked up the note and began reading. The following was written on the note: 


"To my dear brother Adam:


I'm sending you this birthday wish from here, on Earth. Knowing that this balloon & note of birthday wishes & love will reach you in heaven with God and the angels up above. They will see to it that you get this. I hope you're being celebrated up there in the way you most deserve on your birthday with loved ones that we miss & friends you have made along the way in your journey to the up above. I am just so sorry that we can't be with you on this day. We are with you always and forever in our hearts. I love you Adam you were a good person & brother you family knows this.


Love Always,

Your sister, Jenny"

Every single one of us will experience losing a loved one in our lifetime. That pain is acute, lasting and lonely. Even if you aren't in mourning, you can feel the pain that Jenny is going through. We pray that Jenny and her family are doing well and that Adam is watching down over them, knowing he is missed. One day, whatever has separated this family won't matter... and they will be reunited in heaven. 


Just because someone in our lives has passed away, it doesn't mean they are actually gone. Someday, we will see the ones we love again!

(via Reddit.com)