Normally, a dog like a yellow lab might end up chasing squirrels through the yard... but not Hoss! Instead, he befriends them.



Ryan Sansone and Hillary Ducote are his parents and they are proud of his big heart. When Hoss brought home two orphaned baby squirrels (named Jack and his Jill) Ryan and Hillary were stunned. Unfortunately, only Jack survived, but he is thriving thanks to the loving family.


"I'm building a cage for him this weekend that he'll be introduced to at some point once he's solely on solid food. It'll be something in my backyard that will always be open and he can come back if he wants."



Hoss is not only a hero among wild orphans, but also a certified therapy dog. He often visits libraries to sit with children as they read aloud to him, helping them build their confidence.


If we could learn to be as loving as Hoss, then the world would be a whole lot better. :)