This is Misa, an 88 year old grandmother. Her relationship with her kitten named Fukumaru is one of the sweetest you will ever see. Misa originally found her strange-eyed kitten in a shed as a stray. Ever since that day, the two have been absolutely inseparable.




Fukumaru is at Misa's side all day. It doesn't matter if she is gardening, working, bathing, or chatting it up with her friends, the cat with one golden eye and one blue eye is always with her.




Fukumaru's constant companionship is a little strange for a cat, animals who are usually known for being stand offish or independent. Misa doesn't mind her friend being by her side - in fact, she prefers it. This 88 year old wouldn't know what to do without her kitten friend, now.








God has blessed us with so many wonderful gifts. Our animal friends like Fukumaru are just the tip of the iceberg. This beautiful world is full of treasures - just open your eyes so you can see them!