At an airport in Los Angeles, a new type of dog was being used. The dogs weren't there for protection or bomb detection; instead, the dogs were there to comfort weary travelers!


Volunteers at LAX launched Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUPs) to cheer up the many stressed people they saw go through the airport every day. If you're on a business trip, visiting family or even on vacation, sometimes the stress of traveling can take everything out of you.


"You can literally feel the stress levels drop, people start smiling, strangers start talking to each other and everybody walks away feeling really, really good," said the organizer of PUPs.


The dogs are trained to interact with strangers and wear bright red vests sporting the words "Pet Me!" on them. 

As the dogs pass by, smiles spread to the faces of adults and children alike!


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Not only do the travelers get to interact with the adorable dogs, but the airport employees do, too!

Just to be safe, the dogs go through security just like the humans do... only they are cuter when they do it. :)

It's important to look on the bright side of life, and these therapy dogs help travelers stay paw-sitive during a very stressful time. No one worries about not finding their gate, missing their plane or flying jitters whenever there is a warm, happy dog in their lap!

The humans love to interact with the dog, but we think the dogs don't mind all of the attention that they get. :)

Life truly is better with the animals God blessed us with. They become integral parts of our family and happiness; thank God for dogs!