As Hurricane Irma tore across the the British Virgin Islands, Kate Jackson and her fiancé  Alex Ashman huddled in the bathroom with their baby triplets. The couple fully expected the worst, and began saying their goodbyes. But while the house was demolished, the family was spared. The 6-month-old triplets survived Hurricane Irma, making them some of the youngest survivors of the deadly storm!


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Kate Jackson (33) and Alex Ashman (31) live in Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, and took shelter at Kate's mother's home when Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean.




Seeking Refuge From The Storm

The British couple took their 3 daughters -- Beatrice, Charlotte and Isabella -- into the bathroom as the storm raged. With them was Kate's sister, CJ, and married couple Nick and Jayne, who are family friends.


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Everyone huddled together in the shower, trying to keep safe as the house literally ripped apart around them.


"First a balcony went, then the kitchen," Nick recalled. "We ended up in the only remaining room, a recently constructed bathroom."

The storm ripped off the roof, while each woman held one of the babies, and the two men held a headboard over the group. The group started doubting they'd make it out alive.


"At one point we were saying goodbye to each other," Nick said.

The bathroom walls were beginning to cave in, so Nick started searching for an escape.


"I went over to the door to see if there was a way out to get to a solid concrete generator room," he explained. "As I twisted the handle it blew open in my face and I saw that there was no longer a house. It was a slow-motion moment. That was like staring at God."

The crew managed to climb through a window to the generator room.

6-Month-Old Triplets Survived Hurricane Irma

The storm turned the home into rubble. But God kept the family safe. Everyone including the 6-month-old triplets survived Hurricane Irma. In fact, these precious baby girls are some of the youngest survivors!


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Friends are working on raising funds to help replace all of the worldly possessions Kate and Alex lost. And it will take a long time to recover from the harrowing ordeal. But they made it through with what really matters.




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Please continue to pray for all of those impacted by Hurricane Irma. There is still a long road ahead, and we pray all those caught in the devastation will find peace and comfort from our Heavenly Father.


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