The Cass Technical High School in Detroit was damaged by a fire in 2007. Instead of repairing the building, the school moved to a new campus and shut down the old school.


Being 90 years-old, the building was full of history. So, the alumni found a clever way to remember their beloved high school.



They took pictures of the school in its current state and juxtaposed those images with pictures from the past. The result was stunning. God gives us so many good years in our lives, and sometimes we don't take time to stop and appreciate them.



Friendships are blessings, so take time to fully appreciate them before it's too late.









Even if you're nostalgic for high school or college days, remember that every day is a gift from the Lord. There is so much to look forward to in life! So fondly remember the good times, but remember that there are many more ahead of you. :)


(via Daily Fizz)