Hospital's Smallest Baby Is A Living Miracle


When deciding on a name for their baby girl, Megan and Eric chose "Faith" for her middle name. And that's because doctors told them to prepare for the worst. But these faithful parents put their trust in God. And now, their little miracle is the smallest baby to survive at the hospital where she was born, and is considered one of the world's smallest babies ever born!


Credit: Carolinas Healthcare Center


A Rocky Start


Megan's entire pregnancy was difficult. She suffered from high blood pressure and two strokes. After all that, she spent a month on bed rest. Even still, doctors found that her baby girl wasn't moving and performed an emergency c-section.


“Inside I was screaming, ‘The devil is a liar,’ you know, ‘You will never have my child,’” Megan recalled.

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God is good, and despite being delivered three and a half months (14 weeks) early, little E'Layah Faith Pergues was alive and breathing. That alone was a miracle!


Credit: Carolinas Healthcare Center


Meet The Smallest Baby


Calling E'Layah little is actually an understatement. Weighing only 10 ounces, she was the smallest baby to survive such a premature birth at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C. In fact, she's considered one of the smallest surviving babies in the world!



But her battle was just beginning.


Credit: CBS News

Keeping The Faith


For starters, E'Layah was so tiny, her doctors weren't even sure how exactly to feed her.

“Our goal since her birth was to grow her as quickly and as safely as we could,” said Dr. Andrew Herman, a neonatologist who helped care for the miracle baby. “We’ve had to fine-tune our approach with E’Layah. We are now feeding her a combination of protein, fat, sugar, electrolytes and vitamins that will help prevent infections, mature her intestines and help her gain weight.”


Credit: Carolinas Healthcare Center


The little warrior had to overcome several other hurdles as well, including relying on a ventilator for breathing, undergoing several blood transfusions and numerous complications with her undeveloped organs.

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All the while, her parents never lost faith and continued to pray for their precious girl.


Credit: Carolinas Healthcare Center

Big Plans For The Smallest Baby


Five months later, E'Layah Faith is proving her parents chose the perfect middle name for their little miracle. The smallest baby is not only surviving, but thriving!


At 5 pounds and 7 ounces, she's not only expected to be a healthy, normal kid, but she's also been released from the hospital to go home with her loving family!


Credit: CBS News


It's a blessing to Megan and Eric, who've spent the past several months balancing work and the rest of life's responsibilities with trying to spend every second they could with their little girl.


Credit: The News & Observer


Now, their prayers have been answer and they get to take their little angel home!


“I know she will be something special, whether it’s running on the track, ballet lessons or even basketball,” her mom said. "We pray for her strength. E’Layah is our miracle baby girl.”

Credit: Carolinas Healthcare Center


What an amazing testament to just how powerful our God is! And it's an important reminder that all life, no matter how young or how small, is precious.


“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5



This baby was never expected to survive after being born with her brain growing outside of her skull. But you've got to see her now!



Jeremiah 1:5


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