After lots of rain, a river near Noakhali, Bangladesh, became massively flooded. The currents were strong, so crossing the water was dangerous. Unfortunately, a little fawn didn't know that.



The little guy became quickly swept up in currents he couldn't navigate through. He was going to drown, but one passer by just wouldn't let that happen. A teen by the name of Belal saw the fawn's struggle and jumped in after him.



Even for a little boy, the currents were dangerous. However, he put his safety aside to save an innocent baby.



As Belal carried the fawn through the water, bystanders weren't sure if he would make it himself. At one point his head was completely submerged, but he was still holding the fawn high above the water. 


Once on the other side of the river, the boy sat the baby down gently. The fawn was dazed, but he was eventually able to get up and reunite with his family, who were patiently waiting for him at a distance.  


Thank the Lord for boy's bravery. We're so glad God watched over him as he did such a selfless thing for a creature in need!


(via DailyMail)