For many hard workers, waiting tables is a thankless job. One woman in particular has spent years being a waitress, never receiving a real thank you for her hard work. But on Sunday, her daughter posted a story about an amazing act of kindness she encountered on Tumblr.


After waiting on a customer for a good portion of the evening, the mother talked to him about Italy. Her family is from Florence and she has never been to visit them. She has been through a divorce, has spent 8 years getting her education but is still waitressing in a small town she isn't even originally from. She was sad, but happy to talk to a stranger that gave her a little hope.


When he left, the woman noticed he left her a tip. What she saw made her jaw drop! The man left her $1,000 as a tip with a note saying "Your ticket to Italy, enjoy!"


This heartwarming act of kindness PROVES that there are still kind and generous people in the world, no matter what terrible things are also happening. God Bless this stranger who gave one hardworking mother a little bit of hope and happiness; spreading kindness is an important part of life. :)