This is Bella Hosford’s first holiday season without her great-grandmother, Minnie Sue Watts, around. Her "Mawmaw"passed away in August. The 8 year-old was distraught about spending Christmas without her, so she wrote her a note.



Bella says she knows Mawmaw is in heaven but still misses her every day because she was her "favoritest grandmother ever."


So, Bella decided to send a note to her Mawmaw in heaven. She wrote "Tell Mawmaw I love her" on a note, tied it to a balloon and let it drift up into the sky. Months later, a small box was delivered to Bella’s mailbox with a locket, deflated balloon and Bella's note with a response on the back reading:


"Dearest Bella, Mawmaw is always with you. Just close your eyes and you will see her. Love, your guardian angel."

Bella considers the locket one of her most prized possessions and plans to wear it everyday.


Bella’s parents have no idea who did this for her little girl, but one thing is certain, they truly are an angel.