Stray Cat Only Takes Food In A Bag

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Stray Cat Only Takes Food In A Bag

Seeing the plight of stray animals always breaks my heart and I want to take them all in. And apparently I'm not alone. This kind woman could not help but have her heart broken when she saw all of the hungry stray cats in her neighborhood.



So she goes out as often as she can to bring the stray cats food. But she noticed that one of the cats, Dong Suk as she calls her, would only take food if it was left in a bag. Try as she might she could not get the cat to eat food of any kind from a dish. So as she brought the other cats food she made sure to take a special bag for Dong.




After such a long time of watching Dong take the bag of food and run she decided to follow her. So one day she took off after Dong to see where she went. It was then that she discovered that Dong had a kitten who she was bringing the food for.




Dong had actually had 5 kittens but this kitten was her last kid left. When this kind woman realized the sacrifice this loving mother cat was making she knew she had to help. So they capture this momma and her kitten and found them a home with their very own cat house.




And now this mom no longer has to scrounge for food for her and her young kitten. It is so wonderful to see the two of them in a warm house makes my heart so full.




What an incredible mom this cat is. For her to sacrifice her own well being for her kitten is so beautiful. Who else wanted to take these two in?


Mama Dog Grieving The Loss Of Her Puppies Gets A 2nd Chance at Love

Shelter dog Blossom came to the staff pregnant and with an advanced case of heartworms. After losing all but one of her puppies, Blossom became frantic. But when someone heartlessly threw a litter of puppies out the window, it gave this grieving mama dog a second chance at love!


Blossom here. The people I thought were my family dropped me at a scary place called a shelter. These nice people...

Posted by Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston on Friday, June 2, 2017


The Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston took Blossom in when her owners decided to give the 3-year-old mama dog up. Since she was pregnant, Blossom's heartworm treatment would have to wait until after she had her puppies. In the meantime, the shelter's intake coordinator, a caring woman named Maggie Escriva, took Blossom home as a foster pet.



Blossom gave birth to 3 puppies: Bluebell, Begonia and Buttercup. Sadly, Buttercup is the only pup to survive. The other two most likely picked up infections in utero.


Mama Dog Grieves The Loss Of Her Babies

Blossom's loss upset everyone at the shelter. But none felt the heartache as intensely as Blossom herself. She couldn't even bring herself to eat. Maggie describes the mama dog as "frantic" after losing most of her litter, "which added to the heartbreak the rest of us were feeling."


That's when Maria heard about another litter of puppies in need.


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A cruel individual tossed 8 puppies out the window of a moving pick up truck in a town near Houston, Texas. Sadly, 2 of the pups died. The other 6 were so young their eyes weren't even opened yet!


The newborn puppies desperately needed a mama. And since shelter dog Blossom just lost her own litter, Maria thought bringing them all together might just save all of them. And she was right!


Shelter Dog Blossom Gets A 2nd Chance

Maria brought the 6 puppies to her home and placed them with Buttercup. They weren't quite sure how the grieving mama would respond. But her reaction was completely heartwarming.


"Blossom looked at the puppies," she said. "Then climbed into the bed and started cleaning and feeding them."


Tomorrow marks one week since Reed, Ash, Forest, Meadow, Petal, and Fern joined Buttercup in Blossom's little garden! As you can see from this video when they met, they were meant to be hers. We are grateful to everyone involved in rescuing this little family so they will be safe, warm, and dry in the rainy week ahead.

Posted by Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston on Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The abandoned puppies now had a loving mama to care for them, and Blossom had second chance at love!


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Since the pups were now part of Blossom's "garden," they were given names to match: Meadow, Fern, Petal, Reed, Forest and Ash. And they flourished under the loving care of their adopted mama!



The Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston is in the process of finding forever homes for all of Blossom's pups. And once Blossom has had some time to heal, she'll get started on her heartworm treatments.


Blossom's Garden has been growing like weeds! Her pups are nine weeks old now and received their second set of shots...

Posted by Westie & Scottie Rescue Houston on Saturday, August 12, 2017


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