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Woman Stabbed By Boyfriend 32 Times, Marries EMT Who Saved Her

Melissa Dohme wore a smile on her wedding day, but she wasn't sure that smile or a wedding day would ever happen. Melissa was brutally stabbed 32 times by her a...

Category: Inspirational | 0 comments | 03/27/2017

Groom Tells Everyone 'We Have Become Family Of Three' And Even The Bride Is Surprised

Jeff thought long and hard about what gift to give his bride Jenna on their wedding day. And that was when he remember the thing she has always wanted, a puppy....

Category: Inspirational | 0 comments | 03/16/2017

Groom Paralyzed Before The Wedding Finds Hope In The Love Of His Life

Brett and Meg were in Florida celebrating their upcoming wedding when Brett dove into the ocean. Horrifically he wound up head first in a sandbar and was instan...

Category: Inspirational | 0 comments | 03/10/2017