Job 11 :13

Job 11 :13 Translations

American King James Version (AKJV)

If you prepare your heart, and stretch out your hands toward him;

King James Version (KJV)

If you prepare your heart, and stretch out your hands toward him;

American Standard Version (ASV)

If thou set thy heart aright, And stretch out thy hands toward him;

Basic English Translation (BBE)

But if you put your heart right, stretching out your hands to him;

Webster's Revision

If thou preparest thy heart, and stretchest out thy hands towards him;

World English Bible

"If you set your heart aright, stretch out your hands toward him.

English Revised Version (ERV)

If thou set thine heart aright, and stretch out thine hands toward him;

Definitions for Job 11 :13

Clarke's Commentary on Job 11 :13

If thou prepare thine heart - Make use of the powers which God has given thee, and be determined to seek him with all thy soul.

And stretch out thine hands toward him - Making fervent prayer and supplication, putting away iniquity out of thy hand, and not permitting wickedness to dwell in thy tabernacle; then thou shalt lift up thy face without a blush, thou wilt become established, and have nothing to fear, Job 11:14, Job 11:15.

There is a sentiment in Proverbs 16:1, very similar to that in the Job 11:13, which we translate very improperly: -

לאדם מערכי לב leadam maarchey leb.

To man are the preparations of the heart:

ומהוה מענה לשון umeyehovah maaneh lashon.

But from Jehovah is the answer to the tongue.

It is man's duty to pray; it is God's prerogative to answer. Zophar, like all the rest, is true to his principle. Job must be a wicked man, else he had not been afflicted. There must be some iniquity in his hand, and some wickedness tolerated in his family. So they all supposed.

Barnes' Commentary on Job 11 :13

If thou prepare thine heart - Zophar now proceeds to state that if Job even yet would return to God, he might hope for acceptance. Though he had sinned, and though he was now, as he supposed, a hollow-hearted and an insincere man, yet, if he would repent, he might expect the divine favor. In this he accords with the sentiment of Eliphaz, and he concludes his speech in a manner not a little resembling his; see Job 5:17-27.

And stretch out thine hands toward him - In the attitude of supplication. To stretch out or spread forth the hands, is a phrase often used to denote the act of supplication; see 1 Timothy 2:8, and the notes of Wetstein on that place. Horace, 3 Carm. xxiii. 1, Coelo supinas si tuleris manus. Ovid, M. ix. 701, Ad sidera supplex Cressa manus tollens. Trist. i. 10, 21, Ipsc gubernator, tollens ad sidera palmas; compare Livy v. 21. Seneca, Ephesians 41; Psalm 63:4; Psalm 134:2; Psalm 141:2; Ezra 9:5.

Wesley's Commentary on Job 11 :13

11:13 Heart - To seek God; turning thy bold contentions with God into humble supplications.
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